Why is my print stringy?

Why is my print stringy?

Retraction is the main factor in why prints will have small strings of filament between open spaces. When the nozzle head moves over open space of the bed to go to another portion of the print, the printer will retract or back the filament away from the hot end.

How do you fix a stringy print?


  1. What’s the Problem?
  2. Enable Retraction.
  3. Set the Right Temperature.
  4. Adjust the Print Speed.
  5. Thoroughly Clean the Nozzle Before Printing.
  6. Keep Your Filaments Moisture-Free.

How do I reduce the stringing when printing TPU?

How to Prevent TPU Stringing – 3D Print Settings to Check

  1. increase the retraction distance of the TPU filament.
  2. increase the retraction speed.
  3. minimize the nozzle temperature.
  4. reduce the printing speed.
  5. Slicer software Simplify3D.
  6. increase the traveling speed.
  7. flow rate at 100 percent.
  8. increase the fan speed.

How do I know if my filament is wet?

The easiest way is to extrude some filament and watch it come out of the nozzle. If you see any bubbles, hear any hissing/popping/cracking, or see steam coming off the filament, then it’s definitely wet and needs to be dried out.

Why are my 3D prints sloppy?

Typically this 3D printing problem is attributable to two parts of the printing process — either something is wrong with your filament supply, or there’s a problem with the hot end/nozzle itself. It could be as simple a case as your filament has run out.

Why is my 3D print not solid?

Often, too few top layers can be the leading cause of obtaining 3D prints that are not solid. The solid top layer is to be printed on top of the grid that is supposed to fill the print. A thin top layer or a few layers cannot bridge the gaps of the infill, thus leading to a 3D print that’s not solid.

Where are retraction settings in Cura?

The setting “Retraction Distance” can be found in Cura under “Travel” or by using the search function: For the correct setting of the Retraction Distance, you should also enter a value for the “Retraction Minimum Travel” in Cura, i.e. the minimum distance at which the software should perform a retraction.