Why is my resin print failing?

Why is my resin print failing?

There are many reasons that can cause the resin 3D prints to fail halfway. It can be caused because of the wrong exposure time, unbalanced build platform, not enough support, bad adhesion, wrong part orientation, and many more. Resin is Contaminated. LCD Optical Screen is Too Dirty.

Why are my resin 3D prints not sticking?

Bad supports is another key reason that your resin print may fail on you. The first layer is the most important part in any 3D print. If the first layers are too thin, not cured enough, or you have printed the model at a fast speed, then the first layer may not get enough time to stick to the build plate properly.

What causes buildplate to become disaligned on Anycubic photons?

Your calibration can become disaligned usually then buildplate is not thightened enough and you are removing item from it, or maybe there is a piece of cured resin on the bottom of your vat from previous fail, that you did not scoop out. Recalibrate and try again. Also clean your vat and recalibrate after each failed print.

What is bottom exposure time in resin 3D printing?

You also want to avoid over curing your prints too. You usually have ranges of exposure times, but they do vary widely with factors such as the printer itself, the UV power settings on your printer, and the color & brand of the resin itself. What is Bottom Exposure Time in Resin 3D Printing?

Which is better for 3D printing resin or filament?

Resin 3D printing is known to have much higher precision compared to filament printing. A layer height of 0.05mm against a layer height of 0.1mm would double the number of layers for your model, meaning your print times will significantly increase.

What should the anti aliasing settings be on a 3D printer?

You have settings for anti-aliasing ranging anywhere from 2 up to 16 in the Lychee Slicer (currently 8 in ChiTuBox). People have gotten mixed results with anti-aliaising when it comes to resin 3D printing, but as the algorithms get improved, so do the results of the final prints.