You can buy apps in Google Play and pay via Paypal

Google has made a bold move and has integrated Paypal payments within Google Play, given that Paypal was considered a competitor to Google Wallet.

It seems Google doesn’t care about working with its competitor – it is more focused on getting more of its users to buy its products. As of now the Paypal payment option is available within Google Play in twelve countries.

Paypal can only be used as a payment option to buy apps and other digital content within Play. You cannot buy physical products from the Play by paying via Paypal, yet.

Paypal will join as a new payment method alongside credit cards, and prepaid Google Play cards and carrier billing in the Play store. You can view all the available payment options and supported countries here.

Apparently Google wants to increase sales by increasing convenience for its customers and hence has added Paypal, a popular payment gateway as one of the payment options.

The carrier billing program (in which the purchase amount is added directly to the mobile phone bill of the customer) is also expanded to twenty four countries from a prior seven. The Google Play cards payment option is also expanded to 13 more countries – which also implies that Google is keen on increasing sales by increasing payment options worldwide.

In addition Google has also expanded the buyer currency support to 28 new countries which makes it easier for app developers to price their apps in a more flexible way.

Paypal integration for Google Play is available in the following countries (as of now): Austria, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, United States, United Kingdom. Though, we hope that this list will be expanded to include more Asian and other countries.